Library grant 2024

Redgranite has an opportunity for a grant that would support space for the library, civic center, senior dining, create a youth center and other things maybe you can think of or think Redgranite needs.

This grant does not require matching funds if you do not have a project that goes over 4.2 million dollars.  This is covid release funds. Meaning we just have to have the blessing of the people (you) and our current village board.

We have until the end of June to write it, and the grant information was just released end of  April.  We would like your support/ideas and to have our village trustees support the idea combining resources and creating a facility the addresses the concerns this community has for its residents that we can try and solve.

Again, non matching funds if project under 4.2 million.  The village can get this money for all of us, and I am working hard on writing and completing this grant for their and your consideration.

  If we don’t try another community will.  I think this is a great opportunity.  Please let your thoughts be known. I am not sure we will get another opportunity like this again for non matching free grant dollars.  Can we do it?
DEHCR Flexible Facilities Program (


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