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Library grant 2024

Redgranite has an opportunity for a grant that would support space for the library, civic center, senior dining, create a youth center and other things maybe you can think of or think Redgranite needs.

This grant does not require matching funds if you do not have a project that goes over 4.2 million dollars.  This is covid release funds. Meaning we just have to have the blessing of the people (you) and our current village board.

Wonder books

Watch for the Wonderbook collection coming to the library this month. New titles will be added every month for Wonderbooks thanks to the Friends of the Library.

Join Read by example in Redgranite READS Nov-April

Read by example open to all ages and all levels.  Read and record 20 minutes a day and drop your slips off at the library.  We will draw a winner to raid from the LOOT LOCKER each week. If you have items you would like to donate for the loot locker, we are always accepting them.  Redgranite has an on going reading program 10 months out of the year rather than just the 8 weeks in Summer.  Reading is major key to success and understanding of the world around you.  Reading anything counts. Listening counts.  Whatever you use to engage yourself in your world counts.


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